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From Susan Diggs:

On July 5th, 1869 Damase filed a Warranty Deed in Rice Country, Minnesota for land -- purchase price $650.

On November 30, 1871 Damase filed a Declaration of Intention for Citizenship in the U.S.

In 1876 or l877 Damase and family left Red Wing, Minnesota (this according to taped interview with my grandmother, Maude (Neault) Bowen) and started west on the Oregon and Applegate Trails. *Note: The "grasshopper plague" and the lure of gold strikes in California, Oregon and Idaho were more than likely the reasons that the family went west.

By 1878 the Grenier family was in Marion County, Oregon -- this according to census records.

Sometime around 1881 the Grenier family moved to La Grande/Baker City, OR area where Damase mined for a while.

In 1882, Delvina, the first-born child of Damase and Brigitte Grenier, married Victor Neault. Victor was working at the "French Diggings" in Oregon at this time.

Around 1882/83 Victor Neaut quit the "French Diggings" and teamed up with his father-in-law, Damase Grenier, to provide the long timber (stringers) for the railroad. Local saw mills were not equipped to cut the long timbers so Damase would cut them with his broad axe. People in the local community nicknamed him "Broad Axe" because of his renowned skill with his axe.

In 1896 a Land Patent was issued for a homestead of 160 acres for Damase Grenier.

No one knows for sure when or where Damase Grenier died and is buried. He left one day in search of gold and his family never saw or heard from him again.

On December 22, 1903, at the age of 66, Brigitte Grenier died in Baker, OR.

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