Harris, Thomas

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Harris, Thomas
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On October 5, 1818, Thomas Harris aged 58 years, appeared in Estill County,
Kentucky, and made oath that: He is a citizen of Estill County. That he enlisted
in Virginia for 18 months in 1780 or 1781 under James Vaughn and served in the
company commanded by Captain Samson Lanson(?) of the regiment commanded by Col.
Campbell of the Virginia Line and Continental establishment. That he continued
in the service in said corps or in the service of the United States or in the
Continental Line against the common enemy until 1781 or 1782 when he was
honorably discharged from service at Salsberry, North Carolina. That he served
18 months and was in the Battles of Guilford, Camden, and the Siege of Ninety-

Daniel Harris states that he is a brother of Thomas Harris. That he was very
young at the time Thomas Harris entered the service. That he has seen his

Before John H. Barnes, clerk of Estill County, Kentucky, on 17th of October
1820, Thomas Harris, aged 60 years, resident of said county, made oath that: He
served in the regiment of Colonel Campbell in the company commanded by Captain
Lanson (?) in the Revolutionary War. That in lieu of his former declaration on
October 5, 1818, he received a pension certificate, which was dated May 19,
1819. He also made schedule of his property.

Thomas Harris of Estill County, Kentucky, who was a private in the Virginia Line
for 18 months was inscribed on the pension roll of Kentucky, to commence on
October 5, 1818. The certificate of the pension was issued 19th March 1819.

On a copy of the certificate on file, is also marked, "Died August 16th, 1834".

Harris, William
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In Estill County, Kentucky, on the 17th day of September 1832, before Patterson
B. Clark, Sampson Waters (?), and Samuel Kelly, Justices of the Peace of said
county. William Harris, resident of Estill County, aged 68 years made
declaration. That in 1780 he was drafted in the Militia from Louisa County,
Virginia. That he went out in April and served 4 months. He was in the company
commanded by Captain Sanders. Crook was Lieutenant Colonel and General Nelson
was a commanding officer. That the troops rendezvoused at Pointdexter, in Louisa
County, thence to Hanover and were at the Hanover Court House for 1 or 2 months;
thence to Bowling Green, thence to Williamsburg and back to Richmond. He was
discharged at Richmond and immediately upon reaching Louisa County, and before
he marched down, volunteers were called and he volunteered and served a tour of
3 months. He was in a company commanded by Captain White. He went again to
Williamsburg and Richmond. He was marched from one point to another. He served 3
months and was discharged within about 10 miles of Richmond.

He was born in Goochland (?) County, Virginia and has resided in Kentucky for
about 45 years and in Estill County, Kentucky for 30 years.

Thomas White, clergyman and Daniel Harris, Isaac Mize and Andrew Alexander,
residents of Estill County, Kentucky, made oath: That they were well acquainted
with William Harris and to their belief in his services.

William Harris, of Estill County, Kentucky, who was a private in the Virginia
Line for 7 months, was inscribed on the Pension Roll of Kentucky, to commence
4th of March 1831. Certificate of the pension was issued January 16, 1833.

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